When you see a +91 before a phone number, it indicates that the number is based in India.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Phone numbers GAme are usually prefixed with country calling codes to identify where the number originates from.
  • India’s country calling code is +91. So any number that begins with +91 is an Indian number.
  • Within India, landline and mobile numbers have 10 digits after the +91 prefix.
  • For example, a Mumbai landline might be +91-22-22601234 and a Delhi mobile +91-9876543210.
  • The + indicates that it’s an international number, so you’d dial the full number including country code from outside India.
  • But within India, you can simply dial the 10 digit number without the +91 prefix.
  • +91 helps identify that the person is based in India when communicating internationally via calls, texts or messaging apps.

So in summary, seeing +91 at the start of a phone number lets you know it’s registered in India and should be dialed along with the full number when contacting from another country.

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