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Never has a number puzzle been so diverting. Sudoku, the logic-based number placement game, has taken the world by storm in recent years. With its simple rules and challenging gameplay, sudoku provides an enjoyable cerebral workout for both casual puzzlers and diehard number crunchers.

Now thanks to the internet, anyone can access sudoku online for free whenever the mood strikes. Websites like host thousands of fresh puzzles, available 24/7 on computers and mobile devices. It’s the perfect pastime for killing 5 minutes on your lunch break or relaxing with of an evening.

To play, users are presented with a 9×9 grid partially filled with single digits from 1-9. The aim is to place the missing numbers logically according to the classic sudoku rules. Numbers cannot repeat within rows, columns or 3×3 boxes. It takes patience and problem-solving skills to eliminate possibilities and draw the right conclusions.

Beginners need not worry – sites cater to all skill levels with easy, medium and devilish ‘evil’ rated grids. There’s also strategy advice aplenty should you become stuck. Over time, regular sudoku puzzles are said to boost concentration, memory and analytic thinking.

It’s no wonder the pastime has taken off internationally. Whether commuting, waiting for an appointment or simply needing a brain teaser, sudoku online provides mental stimulation anytime, free of charge. So grab your smartphone or laptop, and see if you can crack the next puzzle – you may just get hooked!

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