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Here are some of the best word games for children:

  • Wordle Junior – Simple Wordle game and Kids learn a lot from it.
  • Scrabble Jr. – Teaches spelling and vocabulary in a format similar to classic Scrabble but with kid-friendly game mechanics.
  • Boggle – Great for developing word finding skills. Kids search for words on a board of letters.
  • Upwords/Bananagrams – Race to make words by building them letter by letter from a shared set. Fun for ages 5+.
  • Wordscapes – Kids solve crossword puzzles by filling in word shapes which promotes spelling.
  • Anthropic – An AI assistant kids can play hangman, I Spy, and other word games with to improve language skills.
  • Paper Words – Building words out of cardstock letters gets kids engaged in creative wordplay.
  • Catch Phrase – Team word association game where kids act out clues to get their partners to guess words.
  • Chicken Licken – A fill-in-the-blank story telling game using whimsical prompts.
  • Headbandz – Kids act out charades without speaking to build vocabulary comprehension.
  • Code Names – Strategic team word association game using spy theme cards. Great for ages 8+.

The best options provide an engaging format for children to develop spelling, reading, vocabulary and verbal logic skills through interactive play.

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