phone number Wordle

Here are some tricks and strategies that may help with guessing Phone Number Wordle:

  • Start with numbers that include common digits like 1, 2, 3, 4. This gives more information early on.
  • Pay close attention to the color coding of the numbers – green means correct digit and position, yellow means the digit is in the number but wrong spot.
  • Analyze the results of previous guesses carefully before making your next move.
  • Consider repeating digits, area codes, popular number combinations in remaining possibilities.
  • Look for numeric patterns/sequences and try numbers containing those.
  • Keep track of possible digit positions and rearrange them in new configurations with each guess.
  • Take advantage of yellow digits by trying them in other spots within guesses.
  • Think several steps in advance to systematically eliminate number options.
  • If stuck, make broader guesses that could reveal new digits instead of refining existing ones.
  • Don’t repeat guessed digits that weren’t revealed to be in the number.
  • Use all clues thoughtfully and be strategic in testing logical potential solutions.

Strategic thinking, pattern recognition and methodically considering all possibilities are key to narrowing it down in as few guesses as possible.

By Walker

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