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There’s no exact timeline, but here are some guidelines for asking a woman out after getting her number:

  • Wait at least a day so it doesn’t seem overly eager or pushy. Texting the same day runs the risk of coming on too strong.
  • Within 5-7 days is generally considered polite. Any longer and she may lose interest or think you’re not actually interested.
  • Send a thoughtful text within a few days thanking her for the conversation you had and casually suggesting getting together.
  • Pay attention to her responses – if she seems engaged in texting, she’s more likely receptive to a date invite.
  • Don’t make firm date plans over text. Suggest a day/activity and ask if she’s free to meet up and continue the conversation in person.
  • Be understanding if she’s busy – offer an alternate day and follow up once to set solid plans. More than that could become annoying.
  • Go for a low-key public first date so she feels comfortable, like coffee or a drink after work.

The key is showing continued polite interest without being overeager or leaving too much time pass. Pay attention to her signals and be respectful of her schedule and needs.

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