Yes, Wordle and Jotto are similar games that both involve deducing a hidden word through a process of elimination, but there are also some key differences:

Jotto Game


  • Both are word games where the player tries to guess a secret word.
  • Correctly guessing letters provides clues about the word.
  • Process of elimination is used to deduce the word across multiple guesses.


  • Wordle uses color-coded feedback on letter placement, Jotto only tells you if a letter is in the word.
  • Wordle is a single-player game against the computer, Jotto is traditionally a two-player head-to-head game.
  • Wordle gives you 6 total guesses to solve one word, Jotto can continue with new words until one player cracks them all.
  • Wordle words change daily, Jotto words can be any chosen by the players.
  • Wordle has a clean, simple gameplay interface while original Jotto was a board game.

So in summary – both are mystery word deduction games, but Wordle streamlined some aspects, added letter placement clues, made it digital/single-player focused, and incorporated timing elements like one word per day. Jotto traditionally involved two players solving multiple words.

PS Jotto (or Giotto) is a logic-oriented word game played with two players, a writing implement, and a piece of paper with the alphabet on it. Each player writes a secret word and attempts to guess the other player’s word.

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