Wordle game

Here are the general steps I would take to solve a Wordle puzzle:

Try one wordle

  1. Choose a strong starting word that contains common letters. Words like SCARE, STORY, or CLOUD work well.
  2. Input the starting word and analyze the results. Greens are correct letters in position, yellows are letters that are in the word but wrong position.
  3. Consider letters that were not revealed and their possible positions in potential words. Make a guess targeting new letters/positions.
  4. Continue working through potential words, aiming to confirm or eliminate letters one by one with each subsequent guess. Look for patterns.
  5. Before guessing, consider what letters have not been used and try to come up with words containing various combinations of those letters.
  6. Cross-check guesses against lists of possible remaining words based on letters revealed so far. Eliminate words you’ve already guessed.
  7. Try not to repeat guessed letters if avoidable for maximum info gained. Focus on testing new letter combinations.
  8. If stuck, make sure to explore broad guesses that can clue you in on more possible letters.
  9. Narrow it down if possible to a list of 2 words or less, then make focused guesses on the remaining options.
  10. Don’t get frustrated if it takes 6 guesses. Deduction and strategy are key over time to minimize guesses.

The goal is systematic elimination of possibilities through logical, strategic guessing.

By Walker

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