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Here are some tips for choosing starting words and winning at Wordle:

Best Starting Words:

  • Include common vowels (A,E,O,I,U) and consonants (R,S,T,L,N)
  • Avoid repetitive letters that don’t provide new info if matched
  • Examples: SOARE, RATES, ADIEU


  • Guess a starting word with the most valuable info
  • Analyze results and rule out letters that don’t match
  • Guess words with remaining possible letters in new positions
  • Use guesses that cut potential answers significantly
  • Look for letter patterns (double letters, letter combinations)

How to Win:

  • Don’t repeat guessed letters needlessly
  • Maximize each guess by learning from previous results
  • Have backup words prepared for different outcomes
  • Think 4+ moves in advance to solve in as few guesses as possible
  • If stuck, make broad guesses that reveal new letters
  • Use the letter elimination process of deduction
  • Consult word lists and dictionaries as needed

The goal is to intelligently narrow down the possible solutions with carefully selected guesses each turn. Strategy and planning improves your chances of solving Wordle in minimal tries.

By Walker

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