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Here are my most common first word guesses in Wordle:

little game of Wordle

  1. SCARE – Covers 4 vowels and the most common consonant in initial position. Provides good information value early on.
  2. ROATE – Balances frequency of letters while mixing positions and avoiding redundant endings.
  3. CLOUD – Uses common letters with different arrangements to probe different areas.
  4. STONY – Starts with common letter pair, introduces Y, and explores different placements.

Some other words I’ll sometimes use as my initial guesses are:

  1. ADIEU – When I want to prioritize discovering vowels.
  2. PROVE – If I want to test for a P or V early.
  3. CRANE – Swaps one letter from Scare for variety.
  4. THOUS – Checks for a rare letter combination.
  5. SLICE – If I feel I need more information on S positions.

10.CHUNK – Just for fun when I want the maximal challenge start.

I try to vary it up a bit daily with these top options while focusing on high frequency letters and letter arrangements that provide the most value early on.

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